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Communication centre of the Ministry of Labourand social security, working life and social security about any questions, suggestions, criticism, report, complaint, application and wasestablished in order to be able to solve your claim sefficiently and quickly.

Contact centre of Labourand Social Security entered service on 15 November 2010. Our Communication Centre, find solutions and to informoffered by all the services associated with The Ministry of Labourand Social Security and The Social Security Institution and Turkish Employment Agency. Our experts answer directly all incoming calls to our Communication Center and tried claims to be finalised in the first interview. Incases where the produced answer calls immediately, instant requests are responded to within 72 hours at the latest, by contacting our organizations and institutions.


When you call ALO 170, in terms of processing speed, it is important to have your ID with you.

When you call ALO 170, a reference is created in your name, and the application tracking number is given. You may recieve information regarding your application by call in again after 3 workday.

Applicant please do not share your tracking number.

You can learn with call line ALO 170, all information about legislations of ÇSGB ,SGK, İŞKUR and MYK.

Work place are not paid by normal operating fees and overtime costs are taken about complaints with ALO 170. The requested information; the name of the workplace, full address information, dates of started to job and left from job. You can complaint with ALO 170 inform al employement. You have to know that name of the workplace, full address information, the names of uninsured workers fort he controls can be made.

Consensual divorce complaints are taken by calling ALO 170. Divorce-the person who made the settlement’s first name,surname,identity number and address of the house for healthy controls to be made.

You can call ALO 170 with date of reports fort he fee is payable when you submit there port to learn that.

You can call with just identity number to ALO 170 for learn of date of retirement.

Did you know these?

We have received a work permit a work permit a foreign person to start or cancel operation, if performed after it starts how it will be if you quit?

Our ministry provided by the employer on the cancellation of work permits for references from the Internet through the system will be made. Cancellation request by the employer or his agent, signed a petition (the petition and the reason is not necessarily the date of departure will be specified.) pdf. if it is installed on the system as a document will be processed. Applications for cancellation of e-Government entered into the system with a password; application procedures application tracking menu option, View application status - cancel Request” by clicking on the button will be carried out. The paper petition will be submitted to our ministry system is also loaded in the environment.